Incentive Programs & Grants

By choosing to locate in Osakis, businesses can access the following incentive programs that are designed to support successful business growth.

The future growth and long-term prosperity of Osakis’ economy are tied to securing new job opportunities for our community. Our office works with State, County and City government to impact our economic growth. Our partnerships are essential to our collective efforts to strengthen our economy and create job opportunities for our residents.

For further information on these programs, please see our:

Residential Programs

2024 Homeownership Programs through MN Housing

2024 Homeownership Program is a program through Minnesota Housing. Minnesota City Participation Program (MCPP) has several different types of programs available. Check out the links below for more information on each program. There is also a link to apply below. If you have any questions, please call Minnesota Housing at 651-296-8215 or check out their website at

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Community Housing Assistance Program

Community Housing Assistance Program is to assure an adequate and affordable housing supply that provides a convenient, safe and aesthetically appealing living environment.  This program will provide an opportunity for the City to address rehabilitation of existing housing stock to attract and retain single-family home owners with up to $10,000 towards approved rehabilitation costs as a forgivable grant.  It also would help with a $25,000 forgivable grant towards the construction of a new home.  Please see the link below for the Community Housing Assistance Application & Guidelines.

Community Housing Assistance Application & Guidelines »

Business Programs

Tax Increment Financing

Tax Increment Financing is a method local governments use to pay for the costs of qualifying improvements necessary to create new development, redevelopment, or public assisted housing. The financing of the qualifying improvements is paid from the increased property taxes generated from new development, redevelopment or housing development that would not have occurred without such assistance.

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Tax Abatement

Tax Abatement is a municipal financing program that uses the increase in property taxes generated from new development and redevelopment to pay for qualifying improvements. To qualify for Tax Abatement, a project must meet a number of public interest benefits established by Minnesota State Statutes. Each local unit of government, i.e. city, town, county, and school district can grant a tax abatement for economic development purposes.

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Osakis Revolving Loan Funds

Revolving loan funds (RLF’s) can provide businesses with direct loans, loan guarantees, and other financial assistance. As the Fund receives the principal and interest payments from outstanding loans, the money is made available to another borrower. RLF’s are designed to alleviate the high cost and short supply of capital by providing flexible loan terms. RLF’s usually provide lower rates, longer terms, and reduce the overall risk of the loan.

The City of Osakis has three types of revolving loan funding:

  • Commercial: Eligibility – Acquisition for demolition, building rehabilitation improvements, demolition of non-functional buildings and public facilities.
  • Industrial: Eligibility – Land, building, machinery, equipment, working capital, relocation, demolition and public facilities.
  • Equipment: Eligibility – Projects must be located within city limits and open to businesses located in zoning districts C-1 (Central Business), C-2 (General Commerce), C-3 (Hwy Commercial )

Osakis Business Revolving Loan Funds Application »

Store Front Grant

Osakis Businesses are encouraged to apply for a store front application to improve their business.  The Osakis EDA offers a 50% grant up to $3,500 to improve your business front.  

Store Front Business Restoration & Guidelines »

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