Current Projects

Park Osagi and Central Park Master Park Plans

Find attached the approved maps of the future plans for Park Osagi and Central Park.  These plans will happen in stages as we apply for grants to help defray the costs.  We have a fund set up through West Central Initiative if anyone is interested in making donations to these projects.  Please contact the City Office for more information regarding this fund.

Park Osagi Park Plan:

Central Park Plan:

Water Tower repair and painting – updated May 21, 2024

The water tower project is underway, the city is officially on bypass water, meaning the water tower will not have water in it for the next 7 weeks. We ask residents to conserve water. What does this mean? To conserve: to practice or avoid using a lot of water. Watering garden, would mean to water your plants as needed, do not have water running all night or more than necessary, or water with a can. If you need to fill your pool call city hall to discuss. Sorry for this inconvenience. We are in the process of getting the water tower back in shape and a much needed paint job, that all of Osakis has been waiting for. So please be patient and conserve water. Keep in mind if you notice a leak please call 320-859-2550 day or night to report.