Public Works

Greg Gottwald


Darrin Quistorff

Derek Lang

Servicing: Streets, Water, Wastewater Treatment, Wells, Snow Removal & Parks

Water Information: Storage Capacity - 200,000 Gallons; Pumping Capacity - 540 Gallons/Minute; Water Hardness - 1 ppm

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Aluminum Cans: Empty and dry, whole or flattened.

Tin Food Cans: Empty, clean whole or flattened. This includes empty, dry paint cans.

Glass Jars & Bottles: Empty, clean, unbroken, and caps removed. NO BROKEN GLASS!

  • Unacceptable: Light bulbs, mirrors, windows, dishes, and drinking glasses.

Plastic: Empty and clean. Will accept any plastic container that is one gallon or less in size, has a neck and can be bought in a grocery store. Unacceptable: Hard plastic, plastic bags, cool whip or margarine tubs, hoses, caps, pipe, toys, etc.

Newsprint, Catalogs & Magazines: Bagged or bundled, dry & clean. Phone books are accepted.

Corrugated Cardboard: will be accepted, needs to be flattened. May be brought to one of the three cardboard dumpsters located at City of Osakis Maintenance Shop, 209 Nokomis Street West.

Recyclables and yard waste can also be brought, free of charge to:

Alexandria Incinerator
2215 South Jefferson Street, Alexandria, MN 56308
Monday-Friday: 8:30a.m. - 5:30p.m., Saturday: 9a.m. - 2p.m.

Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management - County Recycling Center
Recycling Drop Off Information - Education Regarding Household Hazardous Waste
2115 S Jefferson Street, Alexandria, MN 56308

More Recycling Resources