Housing Development

The Newest Residential Housing Development Within the City of Osakis

With its winding streets and cul de sacs, Osakis Properties is the newest and most contemporary single-family residential development within the City of Osakis.

The development can be found by heading west on Highway 27 and turning south on 8th Avenue West. The development has lots available for purchase or will build to suit and are for sale by the developer Dirk Hagedon at 320-760-1905 or email at [email protected]


The Osakis Economic Development Authority has two residential single-family lots for sale.  These lots are located on the corner of 8th Avenue and Oak Street West.

Each lot is for sale in the amount of $25,000.  If you are interested in a lot, a purchase agreement with the Osakis Economic Development Authority can be submitted to Osakis City Hall, 14 Nokomis Street East, PO Box 486, Osakis, MN 56360.

Questions - Call 320-859-2150

EDA lot 1
Osakis Properties Phase 1

The Economic Development Authority, and the City of Osakis, as the owners of Osakis Properties First Addition to the City of Osakis, Douglas County, MN according to the certified plat thereof, hereby declare that all lots sold or to be sold in the said Osakis Properties First Addition, in order to protect the community and landowners, are subject to the restrictions and conditions hereinafter set forth and that such restrictions and conditions shall apply to and be a part of every conveyance or deed of said property or any part thereof the same as though fully incorporated in any deed or conveyance thereof. The said restrictions and conditions shall be deemed and considered as covenants running with the land when conveyed or deeded and shall be binding on the heirs, executors, administration, successors and assigns of any person to whom said land may have been conveyed for a period of thirty (30) years, said restrictions and conditions terminating on January 30, 2034.

  1. Property zoned as single family residential purposes only.
  2. No more than one single-family residence shall be erected on any one platted lot.
  3. For any land use involving other than a single family dwelling, Osakis Planning and Zoning shall review and approve development plans.
  4. MINIMUM BUILDING SIZE: Single Family Structures
    • 1-story dwelling shall have a ground level floor space of not less than 1,150 square feet
    • 1 ½ and 2 story dwellings shall have a floor space of not less than 1,600 square feet
  5. All buildings shall be of new construction. Build on permanent foundations.
  6. Single family structures shall have a minimum roof pitch of 4/12.
  7. No single-family structure shall be occupied for residential purposes until such time as a minimum of a two (2) car attached garage has been erected.
  8. Detached accessory buildings shall be limited to a single floor, with a minimum floor area of 160 square feet. Pitch of 4/12.
  9. All electric service lines, cable television, telephone lines and any other service facilities shall be buried.
  10. No store, shop or commercial enterprise shall be conducted on any property.
  11. No trailer, basement, tent, garage, mobile home, or doublewide mobile home shall be used temporarily, or permanently, as a residence.
  12. The said restrictive, covenants contained herein, are for the benefit of any owner of any of the property in said OSAKIS PROPERTIES of the City of Osakis, MN and any party breaching said covenants shall be liable for damages to any owner of any property in said OSAKIS PROPERTIES, and that any breach of threatened breach of the covenant may be enjoined upon application by the EDA, their successor or assign; and also by any party who owns any property in said OSAKIS PROPERTIES.
  13. No party may do any contrary to the restrictive covenants contained herein unless they first obtain the permission in writing of majority or all of the persons owning any rights, title estate, lien or interest in any property in said OSAKIS PROPERTIES.
  14. These covenants shall run with the land and remain in full force and effect until January 30, 2034, at which time they shall terminate.
  15. All homes must install a hard surface driveway within one year of the issuance of the occupancy certificate.
  16. No window air conditioning units are allowed on the street side of the home.
EDA Lot 2