Industrial Development

Osakis Industrial Park

The Industrial Park is a 38 acre site with infrastructure in place and is "shovel ready" for building. The site is designated as a TIF financing district and financing is available through the Osakis Community Loan Fund at West Central Initiative. It is also designated a JOBZ Site.

The Industrial Park was developed and paid for by funds raised through the Osakis Economic Development Corporation and donated to the Economic Development Authority to secure tenants.

By choosing to locate in Osakis, businesses can access the following incentive programs that are designed to support successful business growth.

The future growth and long-term prosperity of Osakis’ economy are tied to securing new job opportunities for our community. Our office works with State, County and City government to impact our economic growth. Our partnerships are essential to our collective efforts to strengthen our economy and create job opportunities for our residents.

Things to look for when starting a new business:

  • A good place for you and your employees to raise families.
  • Good schools
  • Good transportation - interstate/airport
  • Good labor supply with good work ethic
  • Good medical facilities
  • Low crime rate
  • Good hunting and fishing
  • Good recreational area
  • Lakes and woods
  • Fine arts
  • Location to larger communities

Osakis Industrial Park, Murray's First Addition (3rd Avenue East & State Highway 127 SE)

93-0028-560 Lot 7 - 76,143 sq ft 76,143 sq ft wetland $24,234 $ --- $24,234
93-0028-700 North Lot - 15,000 sq ft 15,000 sq ft $4,774 $8,534 $13,308

Murray's First Addition Audit Subdivision of Murray First Addition

93-0033-825 Lot A - 5.9 acres 257,000 sq ft $50,471 $23,762 $74,233

Prices Effective 2/1/2021