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Osakis Progress Report

as of March, 2006

 Projects Completed or in Progress: 

  1. Entrance Signage/Hwy. 127 (1 of 4 complete with fundraising underway for #2).
  2. Motel & RV Park (complete).
  3. Additional Restaurant (complete).
  4. Storefront Renovations (approximately 25 complete & more to come).
  5. New Trailhead (Central Lakes Trail) – Osakis Information Center located downtown by the trail.
  6. Trail beautification and planned trail expansion around Lake Osakis.
  7. Community Events (some new “Quilts Along the Trail”;some discontinued “First Thursdays”).
  8. City Housing Development & Park (Osakis Properties – Phase I complete & occupied; Phase II infra-structure complete and lots selling now).
  9. Industrial Park – Designated JOBZ Zone.
  10. Environmental Progress (Water runoff/lake pollution/shoreline protection).  City, Osakis Lake Assn. and Sauk River Watershed Dist. working diligently on this.
  11. New business and business expansions.
  12. New city infrastructure.
  13. Education – Public, Private and Charter (Enrollment increases and new elementary gymnasium complete at the public school).
  1. Transportation - major highway construction – Hwy. 27 (completed summer of 2003).
  2. Golf course expansion and future housing development (in planning stages).
  3. Alumni returning to their roots to live and raise family (left as one but returning as two or more).
  4. City park playground equipment upgrade and the addition of a new city park near the Osakis Properties housing development. (In progress)
  5. Teen Center - "The Meeting Place"/Sportsman's Motel Cafe.

 Work to Do: 

  1. Comprehensive Plan (final draft will be ready June 2006).
  2. Zoning & ordinance regulation updating.
  3. Downtown Public Marina.
  4. Osakis Ag Site – Historical or Commercial venture.
  5. Skateboard Park.
  6. Continue city infrastructure projects.
  7. City annexation to I-94 corridor.
  8. Future street located on the south edge of Osakis for better access to Osakis  Properties housing development from Hwy. 127 (would connect Hwy. 127 to 8th Ave. West).
  9. Continuation of community clean-up.

           The Central Lakes Trail is 55 miles long and runs from Osakis to Fergus Falls.    The Lake Wobegon Trail is approximately 50 miles long and currently goes from Sauk Centre to St. Joseph.  The gap between Sauk Centre and Osakis (12 miles) will be completed in 2006.  These two trails will meet in Osakis and  make a combined total trail system length of 122 miles (one of the longest in the state).  Eventually, the Lake Wobegon Trail will go to St. Cloud.  These trails are for hiking/biking from April-December and snowmobiling from December-March.  Snowmobiles are the only motorized vehicles allowed. The Central Lakes Trail was dedicated as the 23rd Minnesota State Trail on August 26, 2005 

            Osakis Onward hopes to some day pursue the development of a trail system around Lake Osakis that links residential areas with Battle Point Park, city parks and other pedestrian destinations.  This is a long range plan and would need to be accomplished in stages with the first stage planned from the downtown portion of the Central Lakes Trail to Battle Point Park on the north end of Lake Osakis.  Another trail project under consideration is a nature trail located just south of the city limits.  This would be used by hikers, mountain bikers, bird watchers, nature lovers and the school system for educational classes. 

            If you have questions, please call 320-859-3777.




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