Community Center Survey

The City of Osakis is looking to make improvements at the Ed Pollard Community Center. We would like to make it more welcoming to individuals for various events (ie; Weddings/Receptions, Graduations, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Craft Shows....).

We would like some input from the community on what you feel would help draw these types of events to the Ed Pollard Community Center.

Is the current pricing, detailed below, an issue?
Current Rent Pricing: - Reunion, Birthday, or Graduation ($100 + $50 1/2 day setup) - Wedding ($200 + $100 1/2 day setup) - Small Meeting under 3 hours ($25) - Non Profit Group ($60)

Main Room Feedback

Update Main Room Color/Paint?
Main Room wall décor change?
Main Room stage for bands, etc?
Main Room remove church pews?

Kitchen Feedback

Kitchen cabinets ok?
Counter for food service adequate?
Counter door to close off kitchen

Other Areas Feedback

Freezer/Refrigerator easy to access?
Needed for event?
Cabinet for supplies for the renter to access
With items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc...
Bathrooms update to wall color/paint?
Would internet/WiFi availability be useful?